House / Deep House|Jeremy Sylvester Superfly

Maybe it’s because I sit in a recording study every morning that I appreciation the story shared within the walls of Jeremy Sylvester’s Superfly.  The methods behind what might come across as madness builds your heart its own movie theme.  No matter how often your challenged.  You are The Superfly!  You’ve been empowered to move forward.  A little history.  Fans of dance music can rejoice at the news that Jeremy Sylvester is once again producing music! He once wowed the world with iconic drum programming, good nature and decades of service to dance is once again active. The best is yet to come and the “Nu-Flex” EP is actually the first preview of an entirely new ALBUM of Sylvester originals that are soon to see the light of day. That’s right, this is just the beginning.



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