I Know the Chief – Saudade

I know the chief

Hello and happy Thursday, friends! To help get you through the day before Friday, check out I Know The Chief’s new single, Saudade. Hailing from Melbourne, I Know The Chief – aka James Freeman, Jesse Stone and Jackson Gray – recently signed with the Australian-based label ONELOVE. To kick off what should be a busy 2018 for the band, these classy gents have blessed our ears with this indie-dance track that is perfect to bop in your chair at your desk to. Saudade triumphs in its’ funkiness; this song is literally what would happen if indie, electronic and disco music had a love child. Two can tango but it takes three to boogie, which is what I’m totes tryna to do with these guys.

I Know the Chiefs sound like a little bit of this, and a little bit of that. Listening to Saudade the first time around had me bopping in my seat but also trying to pin point what exactly I Know the Chiefs sound like. And then I realized that they just sound like themselves. After perusing through their Soundcloud, it’s clear that their thing is nu disco, which is SO COOL. Nu disco is one of those genre’s that tricky; it’s hard to take the staples of disco music – namely guitar with synthetic bass lines and vocal reverb – and incorporate them into a song that is not disco-centric. The genre is demanding and overpowering, but pleasantly is neither in Suadade. I Know the Chief were able to gently integrate this nu disco sound around rather than over the electronic and indie vibes that Suadade already has.

Saudade is psychedelic fabulousness first and foremost, but it’s also a love song! The lyrics are certainly secondary to the music, but you can catch it in the chorus: “I should have held your hand/ I should have taken the time to realize how to love.” For having such an upbeat and happy disposition, this song is actually a bit of a downer. Fun fact, the word Saudade is Portuguese for “a feeling of longing, melancholy, or nostalgia.” Damn, talk about tugging at the heart strings. Who are you strapping men longing for? Is it me? It should be me.

I couldn’t tell you what s in store for I Know the Chief’s for the rest of 2018, but I know that Suadade is dope. Here’s to hoping that these boys have a killer year and get new music bumping through my headphones soon. And seriously, if this song doesn’t gear you up for a groovy Thirsty Thursday, I don’t know what to tell you.




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