Jae Stephens – 24 K

24k Jae Stephens

Jae Stephens, the young Dallas, Texas singer with a current single worthy of a top ten entry in any modern pop chart. 24 K, the hot electronic R&B love tune that shines brighter than any twenty-four karat gold. A fusion of R&B, electronica elements and a side of electro-pop spell out this sweet as sugar summer release. Inspired by UK sounds and today’s R&B Jae Stephens the 19-year-old songstress is finding herself on multiple contemporary electronic lists as one to listen to!

Relocating to Los Angeles, Jae Stephens turned to music completely. Coming into contact with London producer Jam City, Jae heads to the UK and together the two build 24 K. A story about the normal ups and downs, and back and forth feelings one can feel while in love. More than diamonds or any stone love can illuminate better than 24 karat gold.  At only 19 years old to convey and describe a very familiar emotion many have felt in relationships is honest and real. When writing music in metaphors it’s either corny or it works. In this case, it works well!

24K” is the type of track that should have over one million views on youtube, and that’s just because of the simple reactions it has been receiving. Jae’s Twitter is blown up with memes and tweets shouting out love for “24K“. I like when real people make real music, it makes me feel even more of a desire to support. We are all the same, she’s just like you and me and she’s doing her thing, making good music. Can we have seconds, please!

Check out Jae Stephens and “24k” below!


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