The Most Underrated Set at Gov Ball: Jenaux

I attended Governors Ball Music Festival for all 3 days, and I have to say, Jenaux’s performance was the most underrated set at the festival. His set was the very first set at the event, so a smaller crowd was expected; however, the more he played, the more the crowd started to gravitate and join-in on the funky electro vibes.

Jenaux Gov Ball 2017

The bass was bumpin’ right off the bat. He got into a bit of funky stuff, heavier hitting glitchy future bass towards the early middle of his set. My ears really began to perk up when he played a remix of Skrillex’ remix of Cinema (remix on remix on remix). It might have been this mashup! Whatever it was, I was super pumped to hear dubstep early on in the festival. Soon after, he played my favorite single of his, I Want Your Love, featuring Bryan Christopher. See our Instagram video below.

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The drum dynamics kept my hips going throughout the entire set.  He rounded out his set with an the Party Pupils remix of Outkast’s Ms. Jackson. Overall, his set was fairly flawless – he brought the anticipation up throughout his set while maintaining the hype.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Janaux before his set. You know the drill, click play on Jenaux’s soundcloud below and read the interview for the FULL Jenaux experience.


What is your personal favorite song that you’ve made?

Get It On by far. The sound started in a random hotel room in Austin, messing around and chopping some samples. Then Get It On was born and everything from then on has been inspired by it.

Where does the name Jenaux come from and why did you pick it?

So Jenaux just means Eugene, which is my name. Well “Jeno” across every eastern-euro language, so I just swapped the end.

Where are you from and how has that shaped the musician you are today?

I was born in Russia. My family moved to America after the Soviet Union broke apart. I was raised in NJ and moved to NYC about 5 years ago. My ears were shaped by my father’s tastes. When we came to America, the freedom to listen to anything I wanted was overwhelming (that didn’t exist in communist Russia). Russian producers used to have to bootleg and trade tapes because the government would control want sounds came in and out. During my early years, my father would play a whole lot of everything, from funk/disco to classic rock to the original house music. It allowed me to listen to a variety of genres when I was growing up.

Do you play any instruments when you were younger? If so, which ones?

I’m classically trained in piano.

Are there an instruments that you currently wish you COULD play?

Guitar, for sure.

Tell us the story of how you started creating music on your computer?

I had a friend that showed me a few softwares. Then I just started dabbling and producing beats. My sound went through a lot in those next couple of years. It wasn’t until I stopped trying to produce what everyone else was producing and started focusing on my own sound, when new fresh songs started coming.

What was your favorite studio moment when producing, I Want Your Love?


This track came together in an interesting fashion. I had a completely different song that I sent to Bryn Christopher (I heard of him through Sweet Lovin, the Sigala record) … After he recorded the vocals, they were incredible. I had a completely different idea though. I took his ad-libs and chopped them up to create I Want Your Love. It was really just some creative magic.

Who is one of your favorite artists to collab with and why?

I really enjoy working with songwriters. I find them to be so versatile and extremely talented. I think the world is now really seeing thatthe guys behind the scenes are the most valuable assets to a song. I loved working with Lauv on one of my records. He’s unreal, a producer, a singer, and a a writer. You can’t top that.

Who are your musical influences?

I’ve had influences from all over the spectrum. More recently, lots of Michael Jackson, George Benson, and Kanye.


What do you like to do when you’re simply hanging out – aside from music?

I’m always making music. If not, I’m a huge foodie, so finding the new spot to eat in NYC is always the thing to do.


What DAW do you use and why?

Ableton. It’s just what I started with. It was quite intuitive, and now I’m just very quick with it. I could never change.

What is your favorite MIDI Controller or instrument to produce with right now?

My Native Instruments S88 is everything. Weighted keys, midi control, I love it.

Do you have a key production tip for our young producers out there?

When producing, don’t be scared to just do something weird. Find a sound, mess with it, and see where it takes you. I think I spent to much time speculating what will others think of this while making music, but not anymore. I just do what I feel is right in the moment.

What are some of your favorite venues to play and why?

I grew up playing in Pacha NYC and Webster Hall. To this day, nothing has topped the days and shows I’ve played there. The energy and the sonics were just incomparable.

What is your favorite color?


Do you have a favorite in-studio snack?

Sour Patch Kids

What is your favorite Social Media platform and why?

Instagram – I love telling a visual story.

What is next for Jenaux?

LOTS of new music. I’ve been sitting on so many records, and for various reasons, I haven’t been able to put them out. Now, finally, the stars have aligned, and I’m so stoked to show the world what I’ve been working on.


Chris Stack

After graduating from Kenyon College, Chris Stack joined a branding and marketing startup, BrandYourself (as seen on SharkTank), in New York City. After leading the company to grow past profitability as a leading account manager, Chris set his sights on his passion: music. He currently runs his own LLC in New York City, helping musicians in the city with their online presence and marketability. A native of the Washington DC area, Chris Stack's passions and hobbies include music production (8 years on Ableton), marketing, baseball (Mets), football (Ravens), Netflix n chillin, and the experience economy.

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