Jerusafunk – The Hierophant


Jerusafunk makes it pretty clear in their music exactly what they want out of the listener. They want their listeners to dance and feel the love. There isn’t really that much more the Phoenix-based 10-piece klezmer-funk band wants from those listening.

Naturally, any band describing themselves as klezmer-funk is going to have a worldly sound, but that term doesn’t really do justice for J-Funk, who are genre mixing within their music like maybe no other band out is. The group and its mighty horn section can jump from an all-out funk groove to a traditional klezmer song to a beat that heavily resembles contemporary hip-hop to a whole different Baltic sound seamlessly and most importantly with style.

Jerusafunk released the sophomore album The Hierophant on June 15, the followup to their 2015 full-length Sweat and Glitter. This go-round is a little more focused than their first offering, and coming iat nearly twice as long as their debut, it has a whole hell of a lot more going on musically.

It’s the type of record that a DJ can throw on at a dance party and leave the turntables for a little while, knowing full well that every song on the album he left going is guaranteed to get any crowd that isn’t dead moving. The Hierophant is not introspective soul-searching music. It’s dancing and love-making music with a whole lot of sexuality and just a hint of mystery.

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Jeff Schaer-Moses

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