Justin Stone – Validation (feat. Adrian Stresow)

Justin Stone validation

Justin Stone – Validation (feat. Adrian Stresow)

Validation. From the adjective, valid, meaning (according to the legends at Merriam-Webster):

  1.  Having legal efficacy or force; especially : executed with the proper legal authority and formalities a valid contract
  2.  (a) Well-grounded or justifiable : being at once relevant and meaningful a valid theory
    (b) Logically correct a valid argument valid inference
  3. Appropriate to the end in view : effective every craft has its own valid methods.

I know that’s boring, especially if you’re just trying to hear a new banger, but given how powerful music can be, and how important words are in the art (and as a writer by trade), I couldn’t resist the opportunity…

The reason I chose to spend the first half defining this word is because we are all seeking validation. Personally, professionally, academically, and any and all the other XY-ly’s that exist. We live in a world that revolves around a validation of success or a validation a failure. And that is the thing that resonates with me in Validation (featuring Adrian Stresow) by Justin Stone. The single came off his newly released album, Look What You Started.

Justin Stone is a21-year-old MC from Columbus, Ohio. He released his first track at 19 and hasn’t looked back since. Hopping on the coattails of the suburban rap wave, he, in his own words, described his interest and ascent into the game like this: “Around middle school, hip-hop became something I really started liking. Not hip-hop on the radio; it was always on YouTube. I would find these more “pop” rappers like Mike Stud, Sammy Adams, G-Eazy” (courtesy of The Columbus Dispatch).

And that’s what this track brings to the table (minus the “pop”BS). With a synth-laden beat complimented by a heavy base and a crooning chorus from Adrian Stresow – almost like J.Cole or Drake – Justin eases into each verse on the track with a G-Eazy esque sound. His gravelly voice fits the beat like Under Armor, highlighting Stone’s unique style while simultaneously paying homage to those who inspired him to get in the game.

At the end of the first verse Justin hits us with this:

Watch a lot of people peak, that’s just how it goes,
Yeah, yeah, that’s just how it goes.

Well, Justin, now it’s your time. You earned it. You’ve been validated.


To connect with Justin Stone on his socials, check out below:

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After spending the first 11 years of his life overseas, Logan Meltzer aka Smogs, moved to the DMV in 2001 with nothing but a dream of becoming a professional rapping soccer star who could also dunk and do stand-up comedy. And while 100% of those dreams are still in progress, he gets to live a new one now by writing about music. Having graduated from Haverford College, where he DJ’d for OnCue, RDGRNGLD, 3LAU and others (shout out Philly!), Smogs moved to Washington D.C. to work in communications with non-profit organizations, before selling his soul to a Fortune 500. After escaping the succubus, a good friend and now-mentor encouraged Smogs to try his hand at music writing. And as the ol’ saying goes, the rest is happening now... Ride or die Washington sports (especially the Nationals). The Devil Wears Prada 4 lyfe. What fruit hates marriage? A cantaloupe (can’t-elope)

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