Rap & Hip-Hop | Kanye West – No More Parties in L.A. Feat. Kendrick Lamar

Kanye West is a busy man, so we completely understand that he wasn’t able to release his new single on Friday with the GOOD Friday collective. Instead, he released it 5am on Monday because he was busy in Italy for a Yeezy Season 3 fitting. Now to the song. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Kanye go in like this, spitting more than 32 consecutive bars. We like to see this kind of content from the self-proclaimed, “Rap God.” He truly lives up to this hype as one of the longest raining king of rap. Everyone is on the edge of their seats waiting for the next Kanye single, and teaming up with Kendrick Lamar only solidifies his influence. We’re excited to see what Kanye has coming up in 2016.


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