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kevin kolk

Kevin Kolk, the Wisconsin teen with the voice and musicality made for modern pop music has taken his natural talent and PCG teachings to the next level. Off of his self-titled EP, Kevin releases the new summer single “Little Bit“. The sunny, wind in your hair, beach chair vibe that fits the ultimate sound of a current tip-top pop song. An EDM pop wonder by an EDM pop newcomer. Make way! because the young girls of social media have someone new to obsess over.  A youtube kid with a sweet innocent presence, that any  12-year-old scream queen and her mom would fall for. An electric guitar with ethereal vocals, that lead into a choice EDM hook, “Little Bit” scores. It’s only a matter of time until we start hearing and seeing a lot more from this young whiz kid.

In the 90s and early 2000’s in pop music, the hook was all about a vocal, that specific line and arrangement that really clasped your affection. And now it’s all about that catchy and animating electric tune inspired by today’s dance music. Pop music has changed as it always does, EDM is taken the lead from right under our noses and hightailing it. At the young age of 13, Kevin Kolk has relocated from Wisconsin to Nashville to further develop his music career. Inspired by Ed Sheeran, Justin Timberlake, and Shawn Mendes, Kevin has been playing guitar since an early age. Video blogging his covers and catching the attention of prime producers, Kevin releases his first EP May 5th, 2017.

Both acoustic stylings and more production driven tracks illustrate this five track EP. A bubble gum singing-songwriting image is the perfect painted picture of what your current pop star should be. Rubbing shoulders with talented musicians in Nashville to releasing his Billboard chart worthy POP EP, Kevin Kolk is just the little bit of pop you’ll need. Check out “Little Bit” below!


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