I recently adjusted my sleep routine and have been looking for a good jam in the AM to prep myself for a longgg day at the office. With Kesha as my trusty alarm, all I needed was something for my metro ride. Pre-7 AM metro rides are truly something else and I was looking for something verrrryyy specific. I wanted mild hype music; key word mild. You, from music veteran KLANGPLANET, is the song I didn’t know I needed. The Munich-based songwriter and producer is venturing into new territory as an artist rather than producer. Born Frieder Mollat, KLANGPLANET has experience with Warner Music Germany and Universal Music Publishing Germany.

You is “about what you can achieve – never give up, never be discouraged.” I got ready for a deep, motivational track with powerful lyrics. What I got was even better. You is like a sunrise on a perfect day. It starts slow, with the music building in the first half of the song until bam! (it’s a tender BAM) All of a sudden the little sunrise has evolved into a badass jam sesh that flawlessly incorporates instrumentals with very deep house vibes. The jazzy influence is welcomed like warm sun on my face, and I am ready to take on the day.

I don’t really understand the lyrics, but it’s irrelevant since my brain is only half on that early in the morning anyway. I actually love that the vocals are not the star of the show; it’s a great change of pace. KLANGPLANET emerged in 2017, and is Frieder Mollat’s first in-front-of-the-scenes project. After spending 20+ years in music production and writing, it’s no surprise that You has the production quality of a 24K diamond. What is impressive, however, is the center-stage quality of You. The transition to behind-the-scenes to front and center isn’t always smooth, but Mollat presents KLANGPLANET with grace.

You is simple, which makes it stand out. One of my favorite things about house music is that the beat can be intentionally plain. It allows for vocals, instrumentals and other sounds to be stacked on top of one another. This gives artists a huge opportunity to create their signature sound. But the rat race towards individuality is messy; things, and artists, get lost in the sauce trying to stand out. With so much experience in the industry, it’s no wonder that Mollat saw this trend as a window of opportunity.

What can I say? I’m super stoked about this guy. KLANGPLANET wiggles into a much needed place in music at the moment. If You is an accurate representation of the recently dropped album, Eternity, I could listen to it… literally, for eternity (heh, get it?).




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