Koni and Rakan – LA LUV

la luv

Here comes the LA love that all millennial Los Angelinos have been longing for this summer 2017. Koni and Rakan deliver the new cool breeze west coast sweetheart track LA LUV. Released on Big Top Amsterdam, the fresh honey like island inspired dog days tune, swings, and hits. A calm and cozy chord sequence floating under Rakan’s pop-rock singing open the track, Leading into the secret weapon of a modern electronic dance-pop hit, the glue-like catchy vocal affecting hook. LA LUV’s lyrics delve into the need for one’s love and the work that actually doesn’t feel like work to travel to it.  It may be some distance to LA but Rakan sings with charge and hunger in that LA LUV to be his. Troubles of dating in LA can be a wide range of good and bad moments but Koni and Rakan nearly make you imagine a young flaming love in Los Angeles being real and obtainable.

All from a German DJ/Producer LA LUV nails the landing on achieving that La La Land electronic dance knockout.  DJ/producers are not just playing tracks for us they are musicians. Picking up an electric guitar Koni takes to social media to share raw sounds with his audience. Asking for feedback Koni is making things more personal and taking the release of new music to a different level.  more of this close interaction with the artist is what people want to see. They like seeing who the person is, it almosts makes them root for them even more. RakanDarismail (ruh-kahn da-riz-mayl) the Gainsville, Virgina budding singer, puts his VA groove on the track and showcases his clutch and sleek vocal ability. The kid sounds very good and has a solid talent for success.

A Cologne, Germany composer catching the essence of a chill sizzling LA hit as an achieving young singer displays his pure talent. LA LUV is that perfect alfresco summer slam many seasons festival goers will LUV!

Check out LA LUV below!


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