Lillian Blanche Queen (Wipe Me Down)

Of all places to discover one’s voice, Lillian discovered hers at the age of 3, on her back porch, late at night. The eldest child in a single parent home, Lillian’s dreams, thoughts, and ideas run ramped even today, and the most justifying therapy is bellowing out soulful melodies.  NC has been known to produce some legendary voices; Anthony Hamilton, Anita Baker, Jodeci and Lillian would be perfectly aligned. She is known for her simply-sweet, yet powerful voice. More of a musical chameleon, Lillian effortlessly boasts a unique design that has a soulful foundation, which is evident from her tastes and admiration of many genres of music— everything from Motown and Gospel, to Alternative Rock, and most of all her love of musicals. However, as an adolescent growing into her craft, it was the vibrant style and emotion of 90’s Hip-Hop and R&B that sparked the lyrical thirst in the artist. Lillian spills her truths through verses and ballads, sharing pure emotion and energies in her music compositions, and promoting a message of love.  Lillian is constantly creating new music, creating new buzz and building her network. She has even expanded her repertoire into the field of broadcast. With a new music project underway (#1687), Lillian has every intention of seeing her dreams manifest and leaving her mark on the world, encouraging many with her testimonials on her trailblazing journey.


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