Livia Blanc – Chocolat Café Passion

livia blanc Chocolat Café Passion

I remember hearing this single live at Sofar Sounds in New York. Livia Blanc had us sing along to the chorus of Chocolat Café Passion. This was the hight of energy at Sofar that night. Now, the single is released, and I loved the final product. The New York transplant from France isn’t only a wonderful singer with a great backing band, she’s also a director, rounding out her artistic talents.

Chocolat Café Passion is a more upbeat French pop track from her previous releases of Amour Amour and Mr Hyde. I could hear this song in a movie. For some reason, I’m thinking along the lines of National Lampoon. The song is contrasts the upbeat summer feel with a romantic winter nostalgia from the 1960s. This song is perfect for road trips, euro trips, romanticizing with your significant other, dancing in your socks, pillow fights, making chocolate strawberries, drinking café in the afternoon, sightseeing, practicing your French while singing in the shower, and any Instagram video that includes a time lapse.

She has a couple shows in New York that I’d highly suggest you go see. Her voice is amazing, and one of her instrumentalists has a stand-up bass, which touched my funky/soul/jazz side. Tonight she is performing at the Communion showcase Rockwood Music Hall. And on Feb 16th at the Knitting Factory in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Click HERE to get tickets for tonight’s show at Rockwood.

Chris Stack

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