Saturdays With Steve: Lizzy Land – Beat Goes On

Lizzy Land Beat Goes On

“And you know that the heart feels better when the beat goes on.”

This line encapsulates the simple theme behind “Beat Goes On” by Lizzy Land. The lyrics convey some fragmented images of losing yourself to music. While not as articulate and evocative as Eminem‘s Lose Yourself, the words do serve the purpose of Lizzy Land’s catchy rhythms.


The delight here lies in the music itself. The hook is infectious, and the track is mixed down with razor-sharp precision. I give many props to Ryan Marshall Lawhon for his work on this track. The harmonies shine and appear in all the right places. I was almost immediately turned off, however, by the cheap audio effects in the beginning of the song. The song begins with a detuned vocal intro that sounds like a desperate attempt to fit the mold of contemporary pop. The song ends similarly, but with unintelligible chipmunk vocals tuned up a few octaves.


All in all, the meat of the song breathes life into this savory meal. Aside from the distracting effects and thematic simplicity, this song may rock your summer.


Steve‘s determination:

Recommended for summer fun and gettin’ down.

Pair this track with:

a Vegas pool party, pre-gaming for the club, oversized sunglasses, an Uber ride downtown, Vodka spritzers


Steve Inganamort is a proud husband, dog daddy, writer, licensed music therapist, world traveler, reader, sports enthusiast, zen practitioner, publisher, guitarist, saxophonist, hiker, backpacker, tequila taster, former foodservice worker, Binghamton University graduate, ASU graduate, New York native, Phoenix transplant, beer taster, whale watcher, comedy fan, music critic, and environmentalist. He holds a dual Bachelor's degree in music and psychology, and also a Master's degree in music/clinical music therapy. He is a board certified music therapist (MT-BC). Steve Inganamort holds an honorary Doctorate of Divinity from Universal Life Church. Steve has lived in Phoenix, Arizona since 2011.

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