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Lloyd P-White Save You

Combine a great sample, masterful pacing, and a distinctive blend of styles, and out comes “Save You.” This track belongs on the radio, and honestly, probably will be in a few months. It was only released a little over a week ago, so it will take some time to shine. Until then, thank me and rBeatz for revealing this track to you ahead of time.

 While this starts out with synths, snaps, and the conventional bass pump, the song warps over its short course. Lloyd P-White‘s vocals start to give it a Latin/Caribbean sound, and additional percussive tracks inject a reggaeton groove. Though P-White hails from London, there is reason to believe he’s spent some time in Dominican Republic or Jamaica.

 At 1:08, the song takes another turn. What’s this? P-White is a rapper as well. He’s not a prodigy by any means, but he has that X-factor that pleases the ears. Another rap verse appears later in the song, this time breaking the beat down and implementing some nicer cadences.

“Save You” is definitely worth the 3 minutes of your time. This is one to add to your “Hot New @#$%” playlist. The balance of rap, pop, and Latin groove makes it en llamas.

Steve’s Determination:

A hit.

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