LOJACK leaves listeners feeling rather delightfully light-headed in his new single Weak. Hailing from the city of Melbourne, the 22-year-old producer who has made the EDM sub-genre of future bass his signature sound, has already been associated with some pretty solid names. He’s been seen supporting artists such as Goldlink on tour and received international radio airplay from BBC Radio 1. According to his Soundcloud, he’s been releasing music since 2015 but this particular single is his first solo release in a year.

When I first stumbled upon the single, to put it mildly, my mind was blown away. LOJACK keeps it clean and simple, allowing for the song to slowly build within the first 20 seconds and take shape all on its own. He finds a balance in his production that’s bold but also scaled back and delicate at times, filled heavily with synths, he’s able to create an oscillating effect that sounds almost dizzying. The vocals, provided by an unnamed artist, takes the single to new heights. Her voice is powerful but not overpowering, sensual but not whiny. Both production and vocals work well together, like perfect harmony.

Take a listen to LOJACK’s new single below and be sure to be on the lookout for new music coming soon.


Alexandra is a writer for rBeatz, when she's not writing about new music, she's discovering it. Aside from delivering music junkies their latest musical fix, you can find her eating her way through the city of Atlanta or binge-listening to podcasts.

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