Lost Lake Unveils The Lost Playground

lost playground lost lake music festival

Lost Lake Music Festival is going to be the first of its kind in the Phoenix metropolitan area. They have hosted festivals before of course, but this one is bigger and, frankly, better. It has a well-curated and coherent lineup, mega-headliners, and still manages to sprinkle some authentic Phoenix flavor into the mix.

They have big local acts like KONGOS, Futuristic, Calexico, and Playboy Manbaby. They are boasting a Phoenix Flavors: Food and Drink Experience that is still awaiting announcements, and just recently on August 15th, they announced the inclusion of Walter Productions’ “The Lost Playground” as part of the festivities.

Walter Productions is a Scottsdale-based project best known for their gigantic mobile sound and light rigs, Calliope and Walter The Bus, that both feature at Bonnaroo as well as on the Playa. With the Lost Playground, the group says that they hope to tap into the festival-goers’ inner child, with larger-than-life LED light-up versions of classic backyard games.

There will be a giant pool table with bowling balls, croquet so big a human can walk through the hoops, glow-in-the-dark table tennis, and Mega Twister — all to go along with the mega lineup, including The Killers, Chance The Rapper, Major Lazer, Odesza, Run The Jewels, The Roots, Ludacris, and so much more.

Lost Lake Music Festival is taking place at Steele Indian School Park in Phoenix, Arizona from October 20th-22nd.   

Check the pictures below!

lost playground lost lake festival lost lake 2017 music festival lost lake 2017


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