Lost Lands Music Festival: Excision Throws His Own Festival

Excision’s very own music festival, Lost Lands Music Festival, in Ohio at Legend Valley and rBeatzRadio has press passes! This means you can follow rBeatz on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and the App (App Store and Google Play) for live updates throughout this weekend starting Friday, September 29th and ending Sunday, October 1st.

The festival is set to feature some of Dubstep’s most heavy hitters, including bringing back Excision’s band, Destroidthat features Downlink & KJ Sawka of Pendulum. Other headliners of the festival include Zeds Dead, Snails, Rezz, 12th Planet, Illenium, Ghastly, Slander, Herobust, Kill The Noise, and many more hard hitting bass maestros. There will of course be a B2B set between Excision and Datsik that I had the chance to witness in Denver at Global Dance Festival.  Excited to hear the heavy bass improve of whatever these two bass superstars feel like playing.

Watch the promo video below to get amped up for this content that I’m about to bring to you.

Lost Lands will have two stages, and the theme of the weekend will be taking it back to the stone age, where dinosaurs roamed the planet. The Prehistoric Paradox is the main stage, and the Cave of Souls will be more for upcoming artists bringing the heat, looking to impress and make it to the main stage. Check out the full lineup below.

Lost Lands Excision

PK Sounds has provided the festival with 750,000 wats of sound…yum.

lost lands sound

Below, I’ve featured a special mix from the rBeatz resident DJ, BRB, who will be joining me on my adventure back in time. The mix contains artists playing at Lost Lands this year. Scroll to the bottom of this post to see the tracklist of the mix. Below the mix is the lineup I plan on attending with a bit about each act. Download the Lost Lands App to follow the schedule.


Day 1: Friday, September 29th

Ghost Gardens

Ghost Gardens are the flowers that bloom in abandoned spaces, so this three man band is an electronic and acoustic stage performance.


His influences include Whiskey, Vodka, Chicken, Skittles, and Xbox.


The Oxford, London native takes elements from US hip-hop and UK underground music scenes to make dance floors shake and parents feel uncomfortable.

Figure B2B Midnight Tyrannosaurus

Figure gets an overwhelming amount of messages on Soundcloud, so he might not get back to you if you message him there.

Perfect name for the theme of the festival, Midnight Tyrannosaurus has been making screechy robot fun noises on FL Studios since July 2011.


Three words…Atlanta, Electronic, and Trap.


He’s a ghost, who is also good with handling snakes and playing with your emotions through a variety of sounds.

Kill The Noise

Kill The Noise has been around – a bass music icon. He was born out of an era where Ridley Scott imagined utopian futures on the silver screen, and artists like NIN and Aphex Twin rocked MTV.

Seven Lions

The special guest for this evening. I wonder what instruments he’ll bring out?


The man of the 72 hours! A lot of these remixes were made by aliens performing at the festival this weekend.


He takes no prisoners, so make sure you stretch before this set.


He’s a crazy grizzly bear. Really adding fire to the flames.

12th Planet

He was dubbed “Los Angeles dubstep god” by Rolling Stone.

Day 2: Saturday, September 30th

KJ Sawka Ableton Workshop

Part of Destroid. I think it will be cool to watch him produce, then play a set.


He loves music and making music. He’s specified the genre leans towards a heavier bass than your average Neil Young song.


He works 7 days a week. It’s called the grind. I assume he sleeps from time to time, but his sounds are out of this world, so he might not need sleep.

KJ Sawka


Spag Heddy

He’s from Spain and plays tomato bass. I think he likes pasta a lot – really hoping tomato sauce comes out of his pyro.


A prestigious award winner winning the runner up dickhead award, worst music award 2001, 3rd biggest wasteman in dubstep 2056. With so many accolades, how will he handle the spotlight?


They’ve had releases on OWSLA, Mad Decent, and Interscope…YAWN!!


Vomitstep in the house. Watch out for slime.

Black Tiger Sex Machine

They have a church and it’s called Black Tiger Sex Machine. I’m open-minded, so I’ll give their religion a try.


They’re back – Excision (production and midi-guitars), Downlink (production and midi-guitars), and Pendulum drummer KJ Sawka that is. Sometimes they also bring in Space Laces and Ajapai.

Zeds Dead

Whose motorcycle is this? It’s a chopper, baby. Whose chopper is this? It’s Zed’s. Whose Zed? Zed’s dead baby, Zed’s dead.


He’s a guy with a beard who has a bong. He also makes evil bass music.


He’s the leader of the #puppycrew

Day 3: Sunday, October 1st


RSK was born in Houston Texas, and he was raised in Dubai and Lebanon.

ill.Gates Ableton Workshop

ill.GATES is a bass droppin’, educatin’, oscillator modulatin’ space genius from the future. Funny because this festival takes place in the past.


AGAIN! Cool to see a guy teach production then go out and crush a set.



Dion Timmer

He discovered dubstep at the age of 10 and never looked back. Too early for dubstep if you ask me.


Canadian producer who makes loud noises, and thankfully enough people have listened.


Metal infused Dubstep. That hurts just typing that out.


Savage Wonk.


She’s definitely not human. She’s from Neptune.


There are melodic bass producers, and then there is Nick Miller. He recently released his new album, Awake.

Excision B2B Datsik

Excision is performing like 6 times.

Boogie T

Boogie with Boogie T for the last set. I will be toast by this set.

Lost Lands Festival Mix Tracklist

Dino Crisis Opening

Rezz x knodis – Premonition

Rezz x Kotek – Ascension

Zeds Dead – Too Young (Ft. River Cuomo & Pusha T)

Rezz x 13 – DRUGS!

um.. – whos care

Rick & Morty – Pickle Rick

Yheti – Make Some Money

Dion Timmer Ft. Tima Dee – Till I Make It

Dubloadz – Drunken Record

Barely Alive & Virtual Riot – Basement Dwellers

Dion Timmer – Lost

Barely Alive – Elastic Nightmare

QuEST – Lost Niggas

Barely Alive – CA$H

12th Planet – Let Us Prey

Zomboy & 12th Planet Ft. Jay Fresh – Dead Presidents

Desiigner Ft. Skism & Trampa – Panda (Busted by Herobust)

Cookie Monsta – Beast Mode

Pegboard Nerds – Talk about it (Ft. Desirée Dawson) (Virtual Riot Remix)

Space Laces – Bugbass

HeRobust – Skurt Reynolds

Kendrick Lamar – Humble (BRB Remix)

Boogie T. – Whatstep

Moe Pope & Rain – What you need

STL GLD – Zombies (Sirokobeats Remix)

Illenium – Beautiful Creatures (feat. MAX)

Chance the Rapper – Lost Ft. Noname Gypsy

Halsey – Now Or Never (Slander Remix)

Zeds Dead – Neck and Neck Ft. Dragonette

Feed Me & K.T.N. – Far Away

Ghastly – Geisha

Ghastly – Get On This

Migos – Bad & Boujee (Herobust SKURT EDIT)

Chris Stack

After graduating from Kenyon College, Chris Stack joined a branding and marketing startup, BrandYourself (as seen on SharkTank), in New York City. After leading the company to grow past profitability as a leading account manager, Chris set his sights on his passion: music. He currently runs his own LLC in New York City, helping musicians in the city with their online presence and marketability. A native of the Washington DC area, Chris Stack's passions and hobbies include music production (8 years on Ableton), marketing, baseball (Mets), football (Ravens), Netflix n chillin, and the experience economy.

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