Luttrell – Intergalactic Plastic EP

Eric Luttrell intergalactic plastic

Luttrell releases the Intergalactic Plastic EP on Above and Beyond’s deep house imprint, Anjunadeep. I listened through the entire three-track EP and felt at peace by the end of it. The slow builds, lush synths, and celestial ambiance had me forgetting where I was for the last 18 minutes. This is melodic techno at its finest.

Intergalactic Plastics is the lead song off the EP. It takes you on a completely celestial journey, into the stars and back. The slow melody build really makes you appreciate the longer-form content. Throughout the entire 6 minute track, I was never board.

What You Are has vocals, already making it a different track. The vocals go from the front of the mix to the back once the kick and bass come in. Although this also has a celestial vibe, there’s a more down to earth feel centered around the heavy sub bass. The moment around the 4:44 mark becomes really intense and drops off into a serene waterfall atmosphere. I could feel the arpeggiated mallets on my skin.

Wake Me Up Tomorrow has a bit of an old school hip-hop vibe with his signature longer form arrangement. This turns into a bit of a disco-house track, perfect for the late night club scene.

The EP is perfect for relaxing, taking a deep breath, meditating, daydreaming, feeling euphoric, understanding melodies, harmonizing your soul, floating on a lake, hiking up a mountain, staring at the perfect sunset, rooftop chillin, stargazing, deep sea diving, and any Instagram video of nature.

Luttrell is supporting Above & Beyond and Lane 8 on their respective album tours.

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