LUXXURY – Be Good 2 Me EP

be good 2 me

The artist formerly known as Baron von Luxxury, Luxxury, released his new EP, Be Good 2 Me. If you love disco, this is the EP for you.

Staying true to the original disco sound, Blake Robin has racked up the credits.  From live performances on the Carson Daly show to collaborating and supporting such acts as Giorgio Moroder and DFA’s The Juan Maclean, Luxxury’s live show is nothing to scoff at.

His tunes have made it to Pontiac commercials and MTV’s The Hills, an ode to his recording precision. BRANDS!

This EP is perfect for fireside chats, martinis on a Wednesday, poolsides in the hills, your morning commute, deep sea diving, wrestling alligators, being kind to people’s ears, keeping your hands to yourself, snuggling, the hours of 12 to 6 (am or pm), analyzing data sheets, sunsets, sunrises, sundresses, applying suntan lotion, and any Instagram video of you in the sun.

Luxxury sent a quote along about the lead track…

 “Be Good 2 Me was inspired by that 1979 moment when rock bands like Kiss, The Rolling Stones and Rod Stewart all made their token ‘disco song.’ I was also inspired by the melodic punk basslines of The Clash’s ‘The Magnificent Seven’ and Hot Chocolate’s ‘Every 1’s A Winner”, with its funk stomp and heroic electric guitar line. I love the intersection of disco, funk, rock and pop, all with a dash of post-punk ‘we can barely play our instruments’ attitude. But rather than Autotuning and Pro-Tooling everything to perfection I like to leave a lot of rough edges intact, but with modern production to give it and updated dancefloor thump.”

We had a chance to interview Luxxury a while back…

Click HERE to learn more about Luxxury

Listen to Luxxury’s Be Good 2 Me EP below.

Chris Stack

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