Marcioz – How To Fall In Love With A Machine Ft. Slow Shudder

One of my favorite new artists this year has been Slow Shudder. She just released her second collaboration with Brazilian producer, Marcioz, on the Dutch independent labelbitbird. The new single is called How To Fall In Love With A Machine. The song is a love song for our computers. Something that all producers can relate to. A futuristic feel for a song ahead of its time.

This song is SUPER unique with incredible texture on the instrumentation and vocals from Slow Shudder. The song’s vibe gives me those Porter Robinson feelz. It’s snowing outside my window in New York City right now, and this song just feels right from my current vantage point.

Friday Feelz winter

The anticipation is interesting as well, delving into a downtempo chorus that melts the senses. The production quality on this really stood out to me. Super unique with a moving ambiance. Slow Shudder really took her already amazing vocals to the next level with this one. I’m going to try and classify this as indie electronic, but the entire vibe is truly unique in my book.

Amanda Mayo, a.k.a. Slow Shudder, received her masters degree in music from GoldsmithsUniversity of London this year. The Miami-born, London-educated, LA-based artist self-released two tracks under her Slow Shudder name and released singles with Paper CraneNot Like That and Unspeakable Records before getting an opportunity to release with the illustrious bitbird label. I’m excited to hear what’s coming next for the artist in 2018.

Marcoiz sent along a quote about the song…

“At the time I had just broken up with my girlfriend and it completely fit the narrative that I have about people. People come and go, but my computer always stays. So I think that’s how you get love to stay– just fall in love with a machine.”

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