Margot Polo – Sweet California

Margot Polo

Hailing from California, indie pop act Margot Polo is the solo endeavor of David Provenzano, singer/guitarist of Fialta and Sherwood.  The concept to the project came to Provenzano in 2016 while he was promoting material for Fialta’s second full-length album, Shadow of a Drought, and playing drums for Sherwood’s reunion tour.

Provenzano’s drive for creating infectious pop powerhouse songs, evident on Fialta’s last two albums, may have been a cursor to the electronic pop anthems that he would eventually write for his debut single, Sweet California.

With a raging west coast vibe, Sweet California aptly depicts the California lifestyle.  With its great summery appeal, this track has an engrossing electro pop feel to it.  Soaked with warm summery weather feel and epic late nights California is known for, the great invigorating electronic beats lay the foundation for the vocals, which also have a great pop sensibility to it without ruling out the blend of soul coming from the R&B rhythms.  This is a great feel-good track to turn up all summer long.

Starting on June 9th, Margot Polo will be releasing a series of singles throughout the summer.  Sweet California is a great preview into these tracks, which will be mixed by Chris Keene and Wesley Slover and featuring vocals by Becky Flip.

Filled with a great summer vibe and combining elements of power anthems, EDM, and electro pop, Sweet California will be sure to engage all summer long.


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