Marian Hill – Wish You Would

Marian Hill wish you would

Marian Hill releases Wish You Would, a minimal beat for Samantha’s vocals to lead the way. I’ll certainly be playing this on Friday. I’ve been loving that minimal pop vibe with hip-hop beats. The duo, who brings a sax player on tour, consist of Jeremy Lloyd on the beats and Samantha Gongol on vocals. Steve Davit is the sax player. They just came back from Coachella, so you know it’s real.

The three are EDUCATED in the craft of music. Jeremy Lloyd obtained his degree in music theatre at Yale University, Samantha Gongol studied music business at New York University, and Steve Davit earned his music industry degree from Drexel University.

The single is perfect for your brand commercial, snorkeling, car rides with no talking, pregames, hotel lobbies (specifically the one I’m playing on Friday), nice weather, bad weather, being sad, being happy, dance circles, igloos, and when you’re waiting in the car for your friend to grab a quick bit at the gas station.

Listen to Wish You Would by Marian Hill below.

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