Matt Hylom – Whimsical

matt hylom

Matt Hylom releases his new music video for Whimsical. I was impressed with the entire project. The artist from Charlotte, North Carolina wrote, sang, produced, mixed, mastered, filmed, and edited this music video. He’s an all in one package. Who needs a manager when you can do all that? We’ll maybe one to send countless emails for promotional purposes. I’m sure Matt can send emails, but what I’m saying is he already has enough on his plate. Imagine if he just focused on the music; however, I’m sensing an entrepreneurial spirit.

Not only am I impressed with the all-in-one package, I’m also loving the song! The beat rules, giving me tones of soul, hip-hop, pop, and R&B. During the hook, I can’t help but bounce. Then at the end, we have a bit of a Spanish guitar ending, showing off yet another one of Matt’s skills.

The lyrics are relatable, talking about the fleeting nature of creativity. The plight of the artist. Being present while still letting all your emotions dictate your next move. That can be a lot of moves in a day, leading to a bit of organized chaos.

Watch the music video for Whimsical by Matt Hylom below.

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