Matvei – I Don’t Need You

Matveï I don't need you

After the release of Offshore and a few remixes, French producer Matveï is back with a brand new single, I Don’t Need You, that actually leaves listeners wanting and needing more. Matveï is an emerging artist who is part of the booming EDM scene and prides himself on delivering a fresh new approach to the genre by bringing the sounds of House and urban club sounds together.  Not much is found online about the budding eighteen-year-old, but hopefully, that changes with the release of more music.

In just under four minutes, he makes it possible to lose track of time and to instead become totally entranced by the symphony of diverse synths and 808s. Many moments are filled with high energy and highly anticipated build-ups followed by headbanging drops. But perhaps the most important thing to take note of is Matveï’s ability to keep the song from becoming stale and boring. Instead, he keeps listeners on their toes by including the most intricate choices of sounds and even a slight switch-up halfway through the songs.

It’s unknown what exactly is in store for Matveï but I have a feeling it will consist of nothing but good things and great music. 

If you haven’t yet, check out “I Don’t Need You” below.




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