Max Styler & TWERL – Wasted Time

max styler wasted time

Max Styler has been crushing it lately. His new collaboration, Wasted Time, is with TWERL, and it’s released on Elysian Records. The song has a cinematic anticipation that climaxes into organized, glitchy chaos. The percussion elements on the hook are mind-blowing, creating a landscape of unique sounds and desired space. Let’s not forget the filtered synthst, that create a dynamic environment around the hook. It almost sounds like the song is moving around you. The beginning of the hook hits you with a strong reverberating bass, that give some heavy weight to the track.

The contrast between EVAN GIIA’s smooth yet dark vocals and the heaviness and complexity of the hook create a unique blend of harmonies.

Last month, TWERL, released his Stay EP off Elysian. He’s an Australian producer and DJ.

Max Styler was the youngest producer signed to Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak when he was 18 years old. His unique, heavy production bodes well for the pop spotlight and underground fans alike. He’s a chart-topper on Beatport who toured Asia in 2017 with a stop at Wired Music Festival in Japan.

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