Men I Trust – I hope to be around

Men I Trust hope to be around

Men I Trust is one of my favorite artists I’ve discovered in 2017. Their sound is refreshing, their vibe is authentic, and their music always brings me to a happy place. Their newest single is I hope to be around. With an easy-going chord progressing, walking bass line, and Emma’s soft indie vocals, their new single takes me to a place of comfort and serenity. Men I Trust puts a lot of effort into their songwriting, and in this single, it sounds like they’re searching for their own truth, past a physical life expectancy. A philosophical escape of dreaming about the future and growing into the true you at the same time. A beautiful message that made me think about where I am, where I’m heading, and the my personal meaning in life. Is real truth out of my grasp?

Men I Trust sent a quote along about the meaning of the song…

“This light yet introspective song talks about one’s desire to overcome the limits of the human lifespan in order to see the future and find meaning.”

Men I Trust is made up of three artists: Dragos, Jessy and Emma. The blogs love their sound because there’s a heavy indie vibe to their soft melodies, dreamy ambiance, and groovy bass lines. rBeatzRadio had the opportunity to interview the trio at Osheaga in Montréal (the band’s hometown) and in written form on the website. Click HERE to read rBeatzRadio’s Osheaga Music Festival review.

I’ve posted the group’s new single, I hope to be around, below. Towards the bottom, you will find the music video.

Click HERE to read rBeatzRadio’s interview with Men I Trust

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