Dragos and Emma From Men I Trust

In 2012, while finishing his master’s degree in audio postproduction at Laval University, Dragos spent most of his days and sleeping hours at the “LARC” studio working on his solo projects. He randomly met Jessy again, who was finishing his bachelor degree in Jazz guitar, in one of the faculty’s hallways and talked about doing a French-Touch/Italo-Disco track together. Some weeks later, they did just that. It worked out so well, they decided to extend their collaboration to a whole project including singers such as Odile Marmet-Rochefort, Gabrielle Shonk, Helena Deland and Geoffroy Sauvé.

Between 2012 and 2016, all of Jessy’s and Dragos’ releases were made as part of Dragos’ masters and PhD studies in order to gain access to the LARC’s infrastructure.  The result was a unique sound achieved by mixing and mastering at the same time, which gave them loud, large and high quality renders.


Emma was a fortuitous encounter. In 2015, a mutual friend presented her to Dragos through a video posted over the internet. She was casually singing and playing the guitar around a campfire with some of her friends. Emma’s voice was different, being less clear, more grainy and fragile with a mysterious twist that caught their attention. They reached her and tried recording one song called Out In Myself, which turned to be one of the band’s easiest to record.
Jessy and Dragos then invited her to join them on live shows with Odile at the beginning of 2015. The girls’ voices blended wonderfully together and the band got lots of positive feedback from the experience. Emma has been part of Men I Trust ever since.

Listen to “Dragos and Emma From Men I Trust” on Spreaker.

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