Michael Mars ft. Axel Mansoors – Have It All

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Michael Mars ft. Axel Mansoors new song, Have it All, is summer. It’s early, given that it’s February (psh… anyone else enjoying the 77 degree weather in DC today?) but I’m so about it. Mars and Mansoor are currently creating and working out of LA and it shows; Have it All is perfect for a hammock and sun. Why there isn’t a specific genre for beach music? Anyone??

Axel Mansoors self-declared “triangle of chill, funk and fresh” vocals and lyrics over Michael Mars notorious hybrid electronic-pop-r&b sound is convincing me there’s a beach chair (and a sun umbrella) somewhere with my name on it. It’s electronic without any overtly electronic sound, pop but not overly poppy, and r&b without being too smooth. . Mansoors’ vocals are clear and perfectly pop, but strike a nice balance with the hindsight in his lyrics. Mars twinkles calm joy in the beat; the combination creates a gentle banger. It’s like Shwayze circa 2008 and his self-titled album is making a comeback… only it’s not Shwayze, it’s these guys (obviously).

Have it All is what I would refer to as a “coming of age victory song.” It paints the mopey picture of a lonely artist in their hotel room, but don’t worry! Mars and Mansoors make it less about being the girl in Britney Spears’ “Lucky” and more about the adulting struggles we all experience. The best thing about this song is that it is so… content and peaceful, giving hope to all the lost souls out there that success and victory are certainly possible. As someone who has spent a decent amount of time post-college flailing around and unemployed, but also hustling and working two or three jobs at any given time, I appreciate this.

Rather than being the lonely artist in the hotel room, Have it All is who the lonely hotel guest wants to be. It is the moment you relish in victory (however you define it) but also look back with fond eyes on things from the past that led you to this moment – “nothing I can be but happy” sums it up pretty well.

Michael Mars and Axel Mansoors have a cross-genre hit in Have it All. Show them some love on Instagram and Twitter (Links below), or better yet! Bump this bad boy on Soundcloud or Spotify. If you need me, I’ll be sitting on a patio at happy hour with a cocktail and this song in my headphones.

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