Mike Rogers & Abee – What Should I Do

mike rogers

Mike Rogers releases his debut single, What Should I Do. This duo literally has 1 follower on Soundcloud, and their debut single sounds super professional. Mike Rogers is a collaborative project between dutch producers and songwriters Mike Mago and Rogerseventytwo. They’ve been collaborating for a while now, and they’re finally comfortable releasing under their new project name. I discovered them on HumanHuman, so I’m pretty happy about that.

RogerSeventytwo used to go by the alias TWR72, playing in Berlin’s underground techno scene for a while. Mike has been on the mainstream side of things. His single, Outlines with Dragonette hit #8 on the UK charts back in 2014. They’ll be releasing their EP in June, but before then, they’re releasing 3 more tracks…YES!

What Should I Do is a super bouncy electro-pop track with the vocal styling of Abee. This is certainly another track I will be adding to my future R&B DJ set. I’m getting a bit of a Disclosure vibe from their synths.

Listen to What Should I Do by Mike Rogers below.

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