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Radio’s next big artist is on the verge of their Billboard breakthrough moment and that artist is Miknna. Mike B. and Ken Nana are back and pulling into your drive way in an 80s Red CAMARO. This past Friday Miknna released their hot new single MPH and we gotta say it’s the whale’s vagina! MPH is every thing you need in a big haired, baggy sweater, shoulder padded swayin, leg warming, Reebok wearing, scarf in the hair tying kinda of track. Think Chromeo meets Pharell Williams in a desert highway. Mike and Ken are known to live in the electro-soul realm but MPH is that and more. Sprinkles of synthwave and retrowave all over the record give you that boom box street dancer vibe we can all try to imitate.

It’s more than just pressing buttons on a computer when Ken Nana composes. His classic rock upbringing always lends a hand to their music and playing the instruments is what gives their music the soul it possesses. Besides picking the string of his guitar, the use of analog synths created the gem that MPH is. There have been many songs centered around driving or many songs that fall under the “perfect driving song” but not many with the wit, style, lyrics, and song structure as MPH does. The post chorus and refrain have to be some of the highlights of the song. As Mike’s panty dropping vocal grunts dish out “She moves she moves she” the song moves you deeper and deeper into the zone.”I’m racking up mileage with you” can be taken literally or metaphorically as the obvious, commitment to a love. Just like the love fans are committing to MIKNNA.

The abundant blessings this group has been receiving is a pure reasoning why they have a rapidly growing following. People want that and its presence. “As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear our presence automatically liberates others”. – Marianne Williamson. That quote is a perfect description of what this group is embodying. Happy humans making happy music. That could only result in the admiration from others. The tweets from fans and peers praising this duo is a divine sanction. And Mike and Ken bestow nothing but appreciation and respect towards it all.

The ambition of MIKNNA matches the quality of their hooking singles. Performance after performance, city after city the guys gave their all, picked up some new things along the way and discovered more of themselves as they discovered more of their audience. Making their EDM festival debut at Global Dance Festival was a scary and exciting experience for the pair, but the response was positive and humbling. 50/50 is not just the title of their tour and first project together but a motto they live by. To not label who does what in their work, to respect their equal partnership and always put the music first, that’s what makes a great artist and business.

If you happened to have missed MIKNNA on stage you can catch the closing of the US tour this September 23 at the Roxy Theater in WestHollywood. Plus appearing at BURST in London September 29, your opportunity is still in reach. Landing on the Summer Heat Playlist on Spotify, making great music, touring the world, MIKNNA is in it for the long haul and rBeatz is going to be right there with them. Take a listen to MPH and thank me later.

For tickets to The Roxy Theater performance in West Hollywood click here.

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