Miros – Of Flesh And Blood EP

Miros Of Flesh And Blood EP

Miros is a producer from Ohio who likes to listen to all kinds of music. This is apparent on his new EP, Of Flesh And Blood, combining elements of jazz, electronic pop, future bass, trap, and classical with unique arrangements and unexpected narratives.

The lead single, Girl, blew my mind away from its unique arrangement which blended classical and jazz elements with trap and future bass. From soft sax and piano to hard hitting synth rolls, this track took me on a journey.

Never Wanna Go hit me with a future bass anticipation, then collided with a smooth, soulful electro-jazz vibe that had me going, “Ooooooooooo” while squinting my face. This means I was lead to think one hard-hitting genre was coming, and I was hit with some softer smoother melody that worked even better than what I was imagining. Loved the unexpected surprise.

Burning Down has an interesting pitch bend that really adds movement to the intro. The drop hit me with an Asian-string vibe that had my unique senses tingling. Again, didn’t see THAT instrument combining into a trap arrangement like that. Eastern trap future bass!

Roses further illustrates Miros’ variety, trying his hand at a rap song with a future bass drop. He teams up with Youngstown rapper, Mikel Carter, on this one. One of my favorite parts of the song is when Mikel says, “wake up and smell the roses,” which leads to a beautiful buildup and then the synth, bouncy chorus.

I really enjoyed the storytelling on this EP. I found it filled with a variety of genres and eclectic sounds. Although there were a couple mixing things here and there, I was able to listen past and focus on what the arrangement was telling me. This seems to be Miros’ first EP. I’m pumped to hear what else he comes out with in 2018.

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