Molly Moore – Tough Love

Molly Moore tough love

Molly Moore is back  with her new single, Tough Love, produced by her boyfriend, Brandyn Burnette and Kojo. She’s releasing another single in a bit to amp up for an EP release in May. What drew me to Molly was her smoky, professionally recorded vocals. She always comes with a unique percussion and ambiance around her voice. Call it progressive soul, future pop, future R&B, and anything else that’s forward thinking because Molly Moore is precisely that.

Tough Love has a pop rock vibe around the 50 second mark, really creating some anticipation in the narrative. The chorus has a more monotonous tone, alluding to day to day real love in an long-term relationship.

This song is perfect for loving your significant other, breaking up, getting back together, compromising, cleaning up after your loved one, being there for the tough times, when they throw away something you actually needed, a messy bathroom, clothes being everywhere, not being present, carelessness, not agreeing on shows, and any Instagram video showing off how much you love each other.

I also noticed she was featured on a FIRE track, secret weapon, by SAMAHTA. This song BUMPS and Molly voice is perfect for the anticipation build, which culminates in some big brass electro pop.

Listen to Molly Moore’s two recent projects below. rBeatzRadio also interviewed her a wile back…sooooooooo

Click HERE to listen to Molly Moore’s rBeatzRadio Interview

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