Mr Gabriel – Tombourine

Mr. Gabriel Tambourine

Mr Gabriel release Tambourine, an indie rock take on 70s glam rock. This is his 4th release. I wrote about Help Me Out and Millennial Falcon, both of which caught attention from the blogosphere. I’m certainly playing this on Friday night. The song is perfect for groovy, disco, indie, r&b, oldies vibes, you know, things that make us feel nostalgic but they’re new. That bass is so FUNKY, and it’s a super energetic song with bright whistles, a driving guitar, and big percussion elements.

When I listen to this, I feel like I want to run around and solve crimes or be up to mischief (either work) on the beach. AN rBEATZ CERTIFIED SONG FOR THE SUMMER.

Mr Gabriel sent us a quote…

“Honestly, I usually write songs about two things: Love and how much I hate the Internet. But I also dislike paying taxes, because I still get shitty healthcare. So this ones a greaser for the man. Its a light hearted fuck you. Anyways, when does it not feel good to admit you have no control and at least make yourself dance?”

Listen to Tambourine by Mr. Gabriel below.


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