My Silent Bravery – Got It Going On

My Silent Bravery

Matthew Wade the man behind the Alternative Rock artist My Silent Bravery has released the fresh new funky mid summer single, Got It Going On. A guitar riff, a steady kick, and psychedelic vocals put together the core of this earthy number.  A cut from the same cloth as Sugar Ray (you could say) in song structure, vocal stylings, and genre fusion, Got It Going On coasts and rides the waves of kaleidoscopic rock. Pop rockin’, foot tappin’, and grooving in and out of 90s alternative elements Got It Going On is a light and clean summer tide. Guys grab your speedos ladies grab your shades and sun hats as you sit back and let My Silent Bravery settle into your chill poolside playlist.

Matthew sings on the outlook of personal confidence. If you got it going on you can be as unique looking as a puggle and still get play. And the video sure as hell makes you wish you were a puggle. With over a million and a half views on Youtube, Got it going on entertains and elates MSB fans. It’s the first single from the highly anticipated upcoming album Willing To Try, off of his own label, MWS RecordsWilling To Try plans to be released in a set of three different EPs over the next year, 12 tracks total which leaves one to guess 4 tracks an EP installment? However it may be, it’s a fun and particular kind of way to divvy one’s new art. Hailing from Boston, MA the authentic songwriter has been known by industry professionals for the original, positive, peaceful and forthright messages his music exhibits. His mind set and passion for his craft delights his listeners and inspires, making My Silent Bravery one divine sanction.




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