MY – Skeleton

Swedish pop artist MY returns with her newest single, Skeletons, which is the third single to come off of her forthcoming EP, Kids From The Woods. 

Skeletons, which is polished with a poignant stop-frame lyric music video, follows up from the release of the critically-acclaimed singles, WILD and Hate On Myself, which racked up impressive plays and coveted spots on Spotify New Music Friday playlists throughout Europe.

The great pop vibe coming from Skeletons will definitely delight listeners with its electronic pop feel and EDM appeal.  It has an extremely catchy and upbeat feel filled with some great energy to the dynamic music.  A highly emotive track, there is definitely a bit of drama imbued into the dark lyrics, combined with a soaring electronic vibe and pop appeal.

MY says, “Skeletons is a song about having trouble moving on from previous mistakes, collecting skeletons in the heart, rather than in the closet, and how they can come back to haunt you later on in life.  I think we all carry them, and we need to be able to accept forgiveness and forgive ourselves to be able to move on.  ‘I’m a monster – for telling myself I want you.  When I’m the one who’s got all those skeletons in my heart…’  It was like it always is, had a great session and loads of fun with the boys in the studio (Johannes Andersson, Bhay aka Knightsarr), and a very catchy poptune with quite depressing lyrics came out the other end.  Just typically me.”


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