Neo Noir – Made For You (feat. Brooke Wiliams)

neo noir

YES! Neo Noir is back in 2018, starting the year off with a BANG! Their new single, Made For You, features Brooke Williams. This isn’t their first collaboration. Brooke Williams teamed with with Neo Noir on two other singles: Violet and When I Was Young. Made For You hit me HARD, pulling my emotions at the drop. The entire chorus after the 1:15 mark makes me feel like I’m being pulled apart. It sounds like a robot crying. Perhaps a deep love, agonizing despair, enchanting wonderment, or emotional perplexity were the catalyst for creation.

The use of piano brings that Neo Noir vibe of nostalgic Hollywood crime dramas with twisted dark wit. A futuristic mystery that also takes place in the 1920s, pulling elements reminiscent of the past while still being ahead of its time. Brooke Williams vocals have that smokey, pop texture that harmonizes fantastically with the track’s melancholic undertones.

This song is perfect for any Christopher Nolan or James Cameron movie, solving mysteries, destroying sandcastles, angry break ups, deep ocean or outer space exploration, discovering a new species of large mammal, looking jealous or crazy, kayaking down level 6 rapids, skydiving, free climbing, going back in time to fight off the ancient Smilodon, racing for pink slips, or any slow-mo Instagram videos of you just starting into the camera as the lens gets closer and closer to your face, seducing the viewer.

Neo Noir is made up of the highly talented professional producers Bradley Allan and Greg Ogan. I remember listening to Bradley Allan pump out insane future bass remixes every week. I thought to myself, WHO IS THIS GUY, he’s sooo good! Then I saw he had credits with Nicki Minaj, Mya, Shontelle, Nikki Flores, Jacky Greco, Brooke Williams, BRKLYN. Greg Ogan produced with Sony. These guys are legit, and props to Lowly Palace for continuing to promote their greatness.

Neo Noir people. Keep up with them in 2018.

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