Neon Coast – They Are Calling

Neon Coast

A Nevada native who has spent the last seven years residing in New York, Neon Coast is Travis Crawford’s stage name.  The moniker highlights Crawford’s experiences on both sides of the coast.  Crawford speaks on how his connections have made him the person he is today: “The experiences I’ve had and people I’ve met in New York have really shaped who I am as a person today, but I’ve absolutely got my roots on the west coast where things are a little more laid back.  This project has been a reflection of that blending of culture and evolution of me as a human.”

“They Are Calling” is a soulful and emotional track with a thoughtful bent.  In the tradition of Bon Iver and Glen Hansard, the sparsely arranged song with simple acoustics, solely spotlights soulful vocals with the sheer acoustics of the guitar and piano.  With deft finger work on the guitar, the drums gradually joins in to produce a more dynamic and rhythmic sound.  The track resonates with Crawford’s personal storytelling rooted in the experiences he has brought over from the desert and the east coast.

Simple yet powerful, Travis Crawford combines pensive harmonies with captivating tunes to shape his brand new song.

“They Are Calling” will be on his debut album.


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