Nico & Vinz – Intrigued

Nico & Vinz - Intrigued

Spelleman Award winning singer/songwriters Nico & Vinz have invented a sound and signature that is original and authentic to the core. This time around the Norweigan global performing pair Nico Sereba and Vincent Dery have aroused the interest and curiosity of the musical human spirit. Their supreme new single Intrigued will have you in that exact state of mind. The 90s alternative guitar riff that chills with the airy gentle croon of Vinz, raises your hairs and wiggles your ears. Lyrics like “There’s something more than physique and desire”, “It’s the love for yourself, You’re the one, I can tell” convey the deep connection that attracts a person to another which can be so intriguing.

When you search for Nico & Vinz they are categorized as pop, when in reality they are so much more than that. They have elements of many genres ranging from pop, rock, R&B, blues, jazz, funk, hip-hop and so on. Thier 2015 EP Cornerstone and debut album Black Star Elephant encompass just that. All the while singing messages of love and self-identity coiled with folk pop strings and rock chords. BSE’s hit single Am I Wrong took their entire career from Oslo. Norway to the top of the world. Being prime examples of the talent spanning across the ends of the earth Nico & Vinz gain international success. They are reassuring that there are people out there, all over the world with real talent and a love for music and we need more artist like them. Currently based out of Los Angeles, The 5 Star Entertainment duo have a world tour this year beginning in Scandinavia and hitting Europe/UK, USA/Canda, and Austraila/NZ. With Nico & Vinz you never know what you’re gonna get next and it’s a real lovable trait they possess. Blessed, talented, multilingual and rising, Nico & Vinz are keeping steady on a shimmering and bright path.








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