Ninajairachi & Satellite Mode – Warm Fire Lightning

Ninajirachi Warm Fire Lightning

Guys, I freaking love music that comes out of Australia. I’m pretty sure since they’re so far away from everything they just do whatever they want, and it’s absolutely great. At least, that’s the case with Ninajairachi and Satellite Mode and their new rendition of Warm Fire Lightning. The New York based group, Satellite Mode released the original last year.

I don’t even really know how to explain this song. In 3 minutes and 31 seconds Ninajairachi, 18-year old triple-threat (producer, songwriter and musician), manages to blend a number of different tones and complex rhythms to create an enigmatic masterpiece. The best thing about this song is that it is perfectly over-the-top while maintaining very chill vibes.

Warm Fire Lightning sounds like what I imagine a positive LSD experience – unpredictable and delightfully weird. I should preface this paragraph by saying that I have zero experience in things that make one hallucinate. If this were my LSD trip, I’d be ethereally wandering through an animated forest looking for Warm Fire Lightning; it is Tinkerbell and she is swinging from the tree branches of one musical genre to the another. I’m chasing Tinkerbell through a sunny storm and gentle raindrops hit me in the face. They spring off my cheeks and transform into the Gamelan we hear through the entirety of Warm Fire Lightning. Satellite Mode’s vocals are beaming rays of sunlight walking on clouds. There are little fluffy wood creatures trailing behind me. I don’t think I find Tinkerbell; my escapade ends hand-in-hand with some woodland creatures walking down a grassy hill, being submerged in a glimmering pool of deep inky water.

There are so many different sounds in this song that it’s almost hard to keep track, but not quite. Instead, I’ve got Warm Fire Lightning on repeat trying to pinpoint all the different sounds I’m hearing. Ninajairachi cites Porter Robinson and FLUME as two influences, but you can also hear sprinkles of Lorde. Underneath the pop/electronic sound, you can ever-so-slightly hear what sounds like a Gamelan in the background. This is a giant, South-East Asian originating instrument made up of lots of other instruments — namely xylophones, bamboo flutes, bowed and plucked strings. These instruments make up the bulk of backdrop sound in Warm Fire Lightning.

Nanajirachi teamed up with Satellite Mode, a New York based duo, to create the snippet of heaven that is Warm Fire Lightning. Her first single, Pure Luck, can be found on her Soundcloud. Be on the lookout for more projects coming down the pipeline, hopefully soon.


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