Nitti Gritti – C’est La Vie EP

Nitti Gritti Blame On Me

Nitti Gritti released Blame On Me and No Calls the first two singles off his C’est La Vie EP. When I first heard Blame On Me, I was attracted to its infectious trap/hip-hop sound. The production value was flawless, and it was catchy enough for me to jump on. I was also intrigued by the personality behind the music, which I think carries a lot of weight in the hip-hop world. To perform as an electronic artist is one thing, but to exude energy and a personality on stage as a vocal musician takes a whole other kind of demeanor. I heard the song, loved it, and I didn’t picture the guy I’m staring at below. A unique surprise the reiterates diversity in music, a staple principal of rBeatzRadio.


Another impressive fact about Nitti Grittii’s upcoming EP C’est La Vie, is that he did all the production work himself.  This means he did the vocals, songwriting, producing, mixing and mastering himself. A rarity in music today. Blame On Me brings that apathetic night-out vibe with a strong bass. The song is perfect for pregames and parties. The next single, No Calls, has more electronic trap elements. What’s unique about this song is the lazy electronic trap feel. I’m used to electronic trap having super high energy, and on this drop, everything seems to slow down, which I thought was super cool and unique. I melted a bit when I first heard it.

The artist sent along a quote about the EP

I made C’est La Vie on nights when I would just go out back to my studio and make trap beats and get inspired by my favorite rap artists. It’s basically my tribute to fusing electronic music and rap.

Nitti Gritti started gaining recognition in the industry from his remix/mashup of  San Holo’s Lights and Kanye West’s All of the Lights. The mark of vitality comes to an artist when other influential artists start playing their music.  The remix was so fire, DJ’s like Diplo, Jauz, NGHTMRE, Mija, Ookay, and Tiesto started playing it in their sets. The song is super-fire, so I posted it below.

Nitti Gritti is moving on to the next stage of his career, embarking on a world tour next year.

Chris Stack

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