Noisywaters – Summer Nights

Hailing from Bellingham, Washington, pop duo Noisywaters offers a delicate wash of electronic club-based music that incorporates acoustic instrumentation.  Comprised of Will (harp) and Benza (vocals and keys), their genre is best described as ‘juicy future club music.’  Their multi-instrumental sound is distinct with their own spin of dance pop mixed in with foreign vocals.  Their travels and childhoods deeply influence their music.  The band moniker ‘Noisy waters’ is a translation of the local indigenous word Whatcom.

Their debut album Verano will be released 7/14/17, and will be premiered with the single “Summer Nights.”

The track is altogether produced with ethereal ranging electronic beats that create a shimmering sound.  The glistening details are aerial and fixed with an airy soundscape.  This is the perfect soundtrack for the summer.  The cool sound gives off a soothing edge that oscillates between a dance vibe and a more mellow sound.  The calming piano melody played on the track dances with soaring synths.

“Summer Nights” is a sonically indulgent track.  Haunting and romantic, the gorgeous music has a tilting summery nights vibe.


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