What So Not – Stuck In Orbit (feat. BUOY)

what so not Stuck In Orbit

High fives everybody, we’ve made it more than 50% of the way through the week! And that means it’s time to treat our eardrums. What So Not is an electronic music project started by Sydney-based, Australian producer and DJ Emoh Instead (aka Chris Emerson) and Flume. However, after Flume left the collaboration in 2015, What So Not has been producing music and touring the world solo dolo. And crushing it! We’re talking: Coachella, Pukkelpop, Ultra Music Festival, Lollapalooza and more, and hits such as Gemini, Jaguar, High You Are and Tell Me that have featured on the Australian Singles Chart, Triple J Hottest 100, and the iTunes Electronic chart.

This week he has finally blessed the public with a release date for his highly anticipated project, Not All The Beautiful Things. Set to drop on March 9, this album will feature an insane lineup of producers and vocalists such as San Holo, Skrillex, and – I seriously couldn’t believe this – mofo’ing TOTO! And as if the announcement itself wasn’t enough to tickle us, What So Not also threw a single our way to go along with it.

Aptly named Stuck In Orbit (feat BUOY), this is the second single off the upcoming album and features Australian singer BUOY, whose voice is so powerful and moving that What So Not starts the track acapella before progressively building in his own baseline filled with wobbly synth and light percussion. It’s easy to hear the Flume influence in the buildup. That is, until, the chorus hits, when What So Not takes the song to another dimension by increasing the percussion and allowing BUOY to blast us into orbit. If the verses have a, “the universe is a vast place” stuck-in-orbit feel (think George Clooney in Gravity), the chorus has an, “I CAN FLY THIS IS AMAZING I’M IN SPACE” feel.

On a day-to-day basis we all find ourselves in different orbits. Around a person. A job. A place. Anything really. But it’s important to be in orbit around the right things. I think this song is one of them.

What So Not’s debut album Not All The Beautiful Things, comes out March 9.

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