Once Around Saturn – These Promises

Once Around Saturn is Sydney-based synth pop solo artist Dan Kelso’s stage name.  His career began in 2014, and since then, OAS has released a bewildering number of singles in advance for his 2017 EP release of These Promises that enlisted the help of Glenn Whitehall and Amanda Easton on vocals.

These Promises starts off to a blazing start with the track “Because Jennifer (featuring Glenn Whitehall and Amanda Easton).  Sounding off with a great retro vibe, the soaring synths and ethereal electronic beats create a great pop sound.  The enthusiastic dance vibe really harkens to another era.  The sentimental harmonies also vibrantly paves the way to a classic ‘80s pop vibe.

On the following track, “Fortress of Love,” there is a great new wave sound enlisted in the song.  The flowing keyboard melody harnesses a great electronic sound with powerful vocals coming from Easton.  The emotional singing traces blurry electronic beats and fuzzy keyboards to produce a dreamy and soaring energy.

On “Titan Excursion,” the great ‘80s connotations also follows through here.  The titillating beat and reverberating keys manifest for an over-arching magnetic sound.  The whispery and echo-y vocals also add to this, making the music all the more dynamic.

The last track is the title-track, “These Promises (featuring Glenn Whitehall),” which is an upbeat and catchy song.  This track has an infectious tune with bright connotations and rocking synths.  While invigorating, the great beat permeates the entirety of the sound, making this energetic music all that more arresting.

Easton and Whitehall’s memorable harmonies on this EP is proof that such artists still exists.  Artists who feel the vibe and can artfully celebrate that intersection between another era of pop music and a more modernized sound.  OAS, has managed to fuse these two aspects together in an accessible and engaging manner on his brand new EP, These Promises.  This is a great pop EP circumspective of its retrospective respectability while cementing its foundations in a contemporary setting.


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