Party Favor’s Tuned Out Tour with KRANE and Ronaissance

party favor tuned out tour krane

On Friday night, I attended the Monster Energy Outbreak Pres. Party Favor powered by Brunch Bounce (the same peeps who sponsor The Greatest Day Ever Festival) at the illustrious Irving Plaza in New York, New York, United States, North America, Planet Earth. The show also featured KRANE and Ronaissance, opening for the headliner, Party Favor. I was there to interview KRANE, the workhorse, bass producer from Oakland.

Like any good Monster Energy sponsored event, there was a truck outside handing out free Monster Energy drinks. The event started promptly at 11pm. Since I am from New York City, but rBeatz is an international brand, this event falls under the #LocalStuff tag.


Ronaissance was the first act of the evening. He played a fair amount of music with 80s vibes to it with cool graphics to accompany the older school electronic vibes. He had race car video games, and hilarious old school aerobic dancers for animations to his set. I’m a fan of mixing nostalgia with modern music, which is exactly what Ronaissance’s vibe illustrated. Ronaissance also played heavier bass music towards the end of his set, setting up for KRANE.


Ronaissance music

Ronaissance irving plaza


KRANE’s set was higher energy on the bass side of things. He had more metallic high-energy drops with some future bass elements ingrained in his act as well. He had a narrative to his entire set and mostly played his own music or his own edits of other producer’s tracks. The animations behind KRANE were colorful patterns or various object, bringing down a hue of blue and purple for his set.

KRANE is known for his work ethic and fast-paced production style, which collaborators love when working with him. We spoke about his new song with QUIX, Next World, which has an interesting collaboration between heavier bass music and a more melodic future bass ending.

I had the opportunity to speak with KRANE after his set.

We touched on his work ethic, what is coming up next for KRANE, and a hobby of his that you might not have known before. I won’t spoil it, but you’ll just have to listen to fine out 😉

Check out the full interview below.

Check out the video below of KRANE playing an edit of HeRobust’s Dirt Heater Tea. 


What struck me about KRANE’s interview was his dedication and fascination as an artist. He mentioned he treated Ableton (his DAW) as his sketchbook. He would take it out at any possible moment to jot down ideas or work on a pre-existing idea. He mentioned that he never really “blew up” on the scene; however, it was a much more slow build for him. He kept working at his art, and other producers and media agents in the industry took note of this. In my eyes, KRANE, is a true artist in the fact that his natural interest to producing, drive, and motivation has led him to where he is overtime.

KRANE Irving Plaza 5KRANE Irving Plaza 4KRANE Irving Plaza KRANE Irving Plaza 2 KRANE Irving Plaza 3

Party Favor

Party Favor was the headliner of the evening. He is currently in the middle of his Tuned Out Tour. His set had a variety of TV boxes that showed a verity of funny animations. I was reminded of Dillon Francis’ animation when watching Party Favor. Silly, but extremely good at reading the crowd and playing simply party music. From edits of Ginuwine’s Pony to to Red Hot Chili Peppers Otherside (as seen below), Party Favor is a hard hitting crowd pleaser. He even dropped Skrillex’ Cinema. Super animated with a lot of high energy.

This one is for Dillon Francis! Hitting NYC with some Moombahton.

Party Favor Party Favor Irving Party Favor Tuned Out Irving Party Favor Tuned Out Party Favor Tuned Out Tour Party Favor Tuned Out Irving Party Favor Tuned Out Irving Plaza

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