Pomo – Fall Together (feat. Harrison Brome)

pomo Harrison Brome

Pomo, the Canadian electronic beat begetter, has teamed up with the soulful young singer, Harrison Brome, to release a new single, Fall Together. A smooth and grooved out hip-shaker that forces you to sway, it’s the type of song that you wish everyone could hear with you, but you also want to keep just for yourself! These two are an aces pair to deliver such a perfect electronic R&B tune.

Pomo has been known for his thunderous electronic beat-making with a soul-funk, hip-hop extension. His 2014 EP, The Other Day, is a prime example of Pomo’s sunsetting, ending credits, melody making style. The first time I listened to it, I thought, “This is fire, this is good.” And I have a pretty biased opinion on electronic beat-making. It needs to be full: full with sound, full with rhythm, and full with intent and love for all music. That’s what Electronic music is: multiple genres fused together to make specific tones that move like electricity. Pomo nails it with that production know-how, especially on Fall Together.

Harrison Brome brings in his bad-ass vocals with a tender execution that slides over Pomo’s beats like honey. Brome has delivered some top notch stuff on his own as well. Popular tracks like Pools from his EP, Fill Your Brains, showcases the eerie romantic statement his voice makes. On Fall Together, Harrison does A+ work again, I’ve listened to this song so many times, I can sing the key exactly on the pitch without hearing it. It’s that grownup and sexy track you play in your penthouse looking out of your ceiling-to-floor windows. The girls will say, “Ooh, I like this one”, while the fellas will bop their heads. Grab your love by the waist and sing this song to their face because you will both fall together.

Catch Harrison Brome on tour, tickets here.

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