Pontea – Come Over

Hailing from Los Angeles, Pontea is an electro-artist who is passionate about her craft.  Her blend of R&B infuses the soundscape of soul with some pop-centric vibes.

Born and raised in Los Angeles to Jewish Persian immigrants, Pontea conformed early to the requirements of her heritage. After graduating from UCLA, she decided to do things her way and embarked on a career path pursuing her lifelong dream of becoming a singer.

Pontea’s reputation as a performer has garnered a growing following in Southern California. Her sensual vocals and magnetic dancing have audiences titillated and glued to her every move. Now, with her single, Come Over, from her upcoming EP, Unpredictable (out August 18th), Pontea is unleashing her first music video.  The video is now available on YouTube to watch and the single is broadcasting on multiple digital platforms.

Come Over is a sultry single with simmering electronic beats and a rocking vibe.  The sensuous track is filled with ambient synths and, in addition to the lush strings, a happening R&B vibe.  This ambitious track with its bluesy and soulful roots follows through with melodious harmonies and a great vibe.  The highly dynamic music video has Pontea in some alluring stances petitioning her love interest to ‘come closer.’

Directed by Brad Wong, Come Over documents a trying time in Pontea’s life, following the end of a four year long relationship. Inspiration for the song came in the dead of night was when she “missed him the most”, tempting her to return to what was already a dead-end relationship. Pontea says, “I needed to stay strong and remember why we ended, but couldn’t help myself. All those reasons flew out the door and I just missed him.”

Pontea channels her feelings of loneliness and vulnerability into this soul-induced pop jam.  Reverberating beats, charged piano keys, and soaring synths accompany the song, as well as Pontea’s alluring message of ‘come over.’


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