5 Popular Electronic Tracks in India

Best electronic songs in India

Hola Everyone,

I am Anuj Kashyap, and I’m back with five popular tracks from my home-city of New Delhi, India.

I’m all about beautiful melodies and smooth arrangements that lean unique. I normally post new electronic music because that’s the genre I’m into these days. That could always change since music is dynamic. The last song on this reel is a dubstep producer from India. If you’re squeamish to dubstep, tread with caution.

1. MORTEN – Keep Me From You (feat. ODA)

2. Jessica Hart – In The Dark

3. Sad Puppy – Flamakae Baby

4. Lauv – I Like Me Better

5. Southern Paw – Cutter

I’m all about beautiful melodies and dynamic beats to appease my highs and lows ?

Hope you guys like it!

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I’ll be back next week.

Stay Blessed, Stay Tuned.

Love & Peace

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