PREMIER: Phat A$tronaut – The Fifth Dimension

Phat A$tronaut was born of a partnership formed between frontman Chad Browne-Springer and guitarist Mark Lyon working on an unrelated  D’Angelo tribute gig. Since that fateful meeting, the two men’s vision has organically grown into an eight-piece experimental funk and soul ensemble that is making waves all over Connecticut.

Even without a debut record to hang their hat on Phat A$tronaut has been able to turn quite a few heads with their undeniable charisma and originality. But today the dynamic world beat, hip-hop, r&b, soul, afrobeat and everything in between ensemble has chosen to unveil their freshman effort The Fifth Dimension.

The Fifth Dimension is only seven songs but it still goes a long way toward showing off all of Phat A$tronaut’s strengths as a band, The album really shows the incredible grasp on pop-songwriting this group has while still being able to highlight the group’s exemplary musicianship, crisp timing, outrageous vocal harmonies, and most importantly their overall groove.

As a group, Phat A$tronaut really excels at giving the listener something have heard before with their clear influences like Prince, D’Angelo, Fela Kuti, and others shining brightly through their music. While mixing that with something completely different their use of the flute and Browne-Springer’s unique use of autotune.

For every adjective, I could think of the describe this outstanding bands music I think the most accurate one possible would be, good.


Jeff Schaer-Moses

Jeff Moses is an experienced music journalist with more than 1,000 bylines under his belt nationwide. From the world's biggest rock stars to underground musicians living in your very own backyard he has interviewed them all with clarity and integrity. While some people think a great story needs a little journalistic spin, Jeff believes the best stories tend to tell themselves. For him covering big festivals is always big fun, but finding that band that is a diamond in the rough just itching to get their tunes out there is the greatest thrill in life.

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