Psychedelic Trance GL? dm ☠DJ Electric Samurai 〠 Nitro Circus+Parcour Freerunning Stunt Edition☠


August 21, 2017 New Mix, Global Dance music, Nitro Circus, Parcour, Freerunning Stunt.

DJ ELECTRIC SAMURAI  If  your Style is Gl? Dance Music, Dangerous, Fashion Funky,

✘☞Games, or Just Bad to the B☛ne BeatZ….   You stumbled in the right direction.                            Psychedelic Trance August 2017 Nitro Circus/Parcour Freerunning/ Stunt edition is Fresh off Press.

Lets go ▷▶︎▷Press Play▷▶︎▷ and step into a DJ ELECTRIC SAMURAI FunkCoaster of a ride….               As he gets you on the dance floor.     Tension and Release, keep you there.                                                                    Check it out and don’t forget                ?Sharing is Caring?

DJ ELECTRIC SAMURAI  You heard it first on. rBeatZRadio.com

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