Raider & Alltair ft. Jex – Paralyzed


Happy Monday, everyone! I hope those of you who have the day off are enjoying it. For those of you who don’t… that sucks. But peep this new song by Raider & Alltair ft. Jex Paralyzed. I promise that not only will this song make your day better, it will also make it go by faster. In celebration of what seems like the final hurdle of winter, I’m blaring Paralyzed, because everything about this song makes me think of spring. It’s light, boppy and romantic. Raider, Alltair and Jex, aka Jordan Miller, go above and beyond on this fresh-sounding track that I will have on repeat well into warmer months.

This song is what having an aggressively inappropriate crush sounds like, in the best way. Heavy reliance on wind instrumentals make this song alluring, whimsical, innocent and intriguing; all feelings associated with falling “in like” with someone. Don’t let this fool you, though – Paralyzed is far from timid. The thump-thump-thump that comes in at 0:54 is your heart beating out of your chest. The beat drop that follows is the butterflies in your stomach; both paralyzing symptoms of the pesky crush you’ve definitely had on the least ideal person… friends sibling? siblings friend? boss? teacher? I’ll let you decide which is worse.

If I haven’t convinced you by now that this song is discreetly super romantic, just listen to those lyrics. “You got me paralyzed / staring at your light” and “don’t know what hits me / when you’re by my side / so hard to leave”  would be next to “aggressively inappropriate crush” if it was in the dictionary.

Not only did Raider, Alltair and Jex came together across land and sea (seriously! Raider and Alltair both call Spain their home, while Jex is state-side) and created a multidimensional smash in Paralyzed. What makes this song even cooler is that their individual musical personas emphasized and supported each other. Raider’s use of wind instrumentals is the foundation of the song, Alltair brings his go-to sounds to the beat drop, and Jex’s vocals speak for her – the robust tone of her vocals only further compliments the two Spanish DJ’s.

You can listen to snippets of Alltair and Jex’s other music on their Instagrams, linked above. To listen to more of Raider’s tunes, check him out on SoundcloudParalyzed is the first time these three artists have worked together, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed it’s not the last.


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